Uses of Concrete in Construction

Wherever we go, concrete structures are surrounding us. Due to its availability and diversity, it is popular and widely used as building materials. It comes in different forms and shapes and also easy to prepare. The mixture is composed of water, cement, and aggregates.


The mixture is made in accordance with the strength requirements. Concrete is used because it is less expensive compared to steel; it can also be made locally and is resistant to fire.  Because it is made locally, it doesn’t have to travel for long distances to be used on sites. It is very useful in construction; here are some of its applications.

Reinforced Concrete

Using wires or metal bars, the strength of concrete which is relatively slow can be improved. The two materials provide strength to the structure. This grants versatile application of reinforced concrete, such as in wall, slabs, and foundations.

Big Structures

Concrete is of great use in building large structures, such as dams. The Three Gorges Dam situated at Yangtze River in China is considered as the world’s heaviest structure made of concrete. Grande Dixence in Switzerland is the tallest dam in the country and used 6 million cubic meters of concrete for its construction.

Some of the most impressive structures when we speak of engineering skills are concrete viaducts. The longest one is 724 meters long named Tunkhannock Viaduct located at Pennsylvania, USA. Statue and bridges are also structures made of concrete that is of much use to mankind.

Precast Concrete

Compared to standard concrete which is only cured and poured on site, pre cast version is only fitted on the site. Upon fitting, the mixture is drained in the form and then cured. Agricultural structures and buildings widely use this version.  Precast concrete is also used in multi-level car parks. It can also be used to construct different types of walls for various purposes.

Asphalt Roads

Roads, car parks, and airports use asphalt concrete for their construction. The mixture is produced by blending mineral aggregate and asphalt. It is highly durable but because of the incorrect mixture and environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, it can deteriorate.

It can last for a long time and withstand heavy traffic if it is maintained and designed properly. Surface constructed of actual Portland cement is usually more durable than asphalt because it can be divided into several categories based on the type of joint that will be used to prevent cracking. One set back is that concrete road takes longer to construct and is an accompanied with higher initial costs.


Concrete can also be used as decoration in the home; different materials can be mixed while being cured or after the process is done. It has a more artistic than functional aspects. One method is stamping that can be achieved by color or texture to mimic other materials.

Do you want to construct a structure at home? You can use your creativity to innovate your home, if you don’t have any idea on what to really do, you can hire a concrete contractor to provide professional service.


Glass Cleaner, Automotive Polish and Polishing Compound Kit to detail your Headlights 

Central Jersey mobile car detailing includes the cleaning of oxidized headlights and if your headlights need a lot of cleaning then this article is for you because we are going to show you how to clean your oxidized headlights using very straightforward and affordable materials.

Automotive Polish

Glass Cleaner and Automotive Polish

Before you start with any work make sure that you collect the right materials first before anything else. Of course, you are going to need: Automotive Polish, Car Wax, Gloves, Masking tape, glass cleaner, cloth and water. The gloves are optional but you are going to need this when you have very sensitive skin because the chemicals that you are about to use might cause irritation to your skin.

To start with, you have to put a tape around the area of the headlights that have oxidized because this is very useful in protecting the paint on the surroundings of your headlights in your car and again, we suggest that you pull your gloves closer if your skin is very sensitive. Next, spray your glass cleaner on to the surface of the headlights with a very generous amount and then use the clean cloth to wipe the surface of the oxidized headlights.

The next step is to apply the automotive polish to furthermore clean the oxidized headlights. You have to use another piece of clean cloth for you to do this in a circular motion and you can add more and more if you need to do so. But, if you need to do this process faster, you are going to need a rotary buffer in order to apply the polish faster. Afterwards, you have to rinse everything with water and you have to also apply a car wax to your headlights because that will prevent further damages from happening but this step is optional though it is very important.

Polishing Compound Kit

As always, we have to collect all of the materials that are necessary to clean your oxidized headlights. What you are going to need: masking tape, car wax, dish soap, masking tape, sandpaper array, water and polishing compound.

Again, we suggest that you cover the surroundings of your headlights with masking tape so that it can protect the surrounding parts of your headlights. If your kit has a dish soap or detergent already, you can use that to wash the surface of the headlights and rinse it with water. Use another piece of cloth to apply the polishing compound and make your circular motions very small so that the compound can work properly.

Before you use your sandpaper make sure that you wet it with water and do firm back and forth motions in each of the affected headlights always making sure that it is wet and rinse it with water. The last step is to apply car wax because this will protect your headlights from other damages. Although this last step is unnecessary, we encourage you to still do this because of the many benefits that it has.